My Study Experience in Malaysia

By Davincen Wijaya

13 Aug, 2021

Hello, my name is Davincen Wijaya from Indonesia. You can call me Dave, for short. I am currently a first-year Diploma Student at Monash University Malaysia. I have stayed in Malaysia for at least 2 years now, and it has been a great experience for me and this is a lifetime opportunity for me to learn and study overseas. I have met many new friends with different backgrounds and we are having fun studying and exploring together. I have met a lot of people from Korea, Japan, China, Iran, Jordan, and by meeting various kinds of people, it enforces me to be a global citizen that have a vast mindset for the future world and for the civilization development. I have made many international friends here and we are sharing ideas and learning as well as collaborating with people with a different background.

Dave is actively joining his campus activities at his institution.

Dave and his international friends.

(This picture is taken before the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions)

The other experience I really love is that food is easy to find for a vegetarian person like me. There are many options available. In Malaysia, there are many fun places that you can enjoy to explore with my friends. Prices are quite considerable and affordable for students.

Language is not a problem here. English is widely spoken here in Malaysia. As for my mother tongue language, Indonesian language and Bahasa Malaysia have some similarities, so I can understand and catch up easily here. Ever since the when COVID-19 hit, everything is limited. However, with the help of technology and guidance from my institution, my online study journey has become smooth and easy. I really want to invite everyone to study in Malaysia and enjoy unique study journey. See you soon!


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