By Susruhiyatun Hayati

20 Jul, 2022

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and Good Day!

My name is MD MAHADI HASAN IMRAN and I am from Bangladesh. Currently, I am perusing a master’s in research (Maritime Technology) at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). I have been studying in Malaysia since 2015 and completed my diploma and bachelor’s degree from private and government institutions in here. In the following paragraphs, I have stated the reason behind choosing Malaysia for my higher education and my more than 7 years of experience in beautiful Malaysia.

There have many reasons to choose Malaysia for higher education but I have mentioned a few reasons why I have chosen, such as; World Class Education in Affordable Cost, Medium of Instruction, Diverse Culture, Attractive Environment, Enormous Number of Bangladeshi Students, Inexpensive Living Cost.

Compare to other countries the tuition fees are very reasonable in Malaysian government universities Additionally, Malaysia owned many tops ranked universities in the world. Secondly the medium of instruction; The medium of instruction is English in all Malaysian universities. So overseas students don’t need to learn a foreign language even though the local Malaysian people have a very good understanding of English. Moreover, the basic Malay language is very easy to learn. I have managed to learn basic ‘Bahasa Malaysia’ within 6 months only. Another thing that attracts me more to come to Malaysia because of her diverse culture and environment. Many ethnic groups are staying in Malaysia in peace and they have a very nice multi-culture community also the environment is very suitable for everyone.  

Malaysia got many beautiful places to visit such as waterfalls mountains, lakes, the sea, and other man-made entertainment places which assist foreigners to refresh their minds and provide some mental pleasure. It means two-in-one; study and visit beautiful Malaysia. One more reason is, many Bangladeshi students are studying in Malaysia. I have many friends who are studying here. Their advice drives me to study here. Finally, the living expense in Malaysia is very reasonable, especially food and accommodation. 

The most important reason I would like to say is my university (UMT). After finishing my diploma, I was finding where I can continue my bachelor’s. And I found Universiti Malaysia Terengganu as the best university, especially for study in marine. I had done much online research to choose the best university and I found UMT because of its Reasonable Tuition Fees, Beautiful Campus, International Ranking, Eco-Friendly Campus also the Number of International Students as Lectures.

Finally, I want to say, I am very happy to study in Malaysia and I have to continue my further education such Ph.D., Postdoctoral in Malaysia. I recommend international students to come to Malaysia for higher education, especially Bangladeshi students. If your background is marine or continues to study marine then Universiti Malaysia Terengganu will be the best for you.










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