Loving the Study in Malaysia Experience By Aidana Zhanseit

By Aidana Zhanseit

2 Jun, 2022

Hello everyone! My name is Aidana Zhanseit and I am from Kazakhstan. Presently, I am studying at Asia Pacific University (APU) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I would like to share with you why I chose to study abroad in Malaysia and what I liked about it. The first reason why I chose Malaysia is the world-class education that Malaysia offers. I chose APU first, then only I found out that it is located in Malaysia. I am grateful to my parents for supporting my choice to study abroad and agreeing to finance my future.


Secondly, it is an opportunity to find new friends around the world. Thanks to my parents, I travelled very often. It was a pleasure for me to find new friends, as I am an extrovert. I was very happy to meet different people from different countries. Malaysia is a very colourful country where you can meet different people with different cultures. It’s a pleasure for me to learn something new from my friends. I have been living in Malaysia for a year now and today, I have friends from more than 90 countries who are very friendly and always up to tell me about their culture!



Talking about colourful Malaysia, I would add that there are many different restaurants in Malaysia at affordable prices. For students, Malaysia has very affordable prices with friendly people. To these friendly people, I can mention also EMGS employees who have always been in touch and have very good relationships with students! 




I can also mention a lot of good aspects of Malaysia, which I really liked:

  1. It’s eternal summer in Malaysia, isn’t it gorgeous?
  2. Affordable prices everywhere: study, housing, food, entertainment;
  3. Almost all residences have a swimming pool and a gym;
  4. Good knowledge of English by the local population;
  5. Malays treat international visitors well. As a rule, residents of multinational states show tolerance towards visitors;
  6. Low crime rate. In Malaysia, you can feel calm and not worry about your safety.


I really love this country and I really like studying here! If you are thinking of applying as a student to Malaysia or not, then my answer to you is definitely Yes!








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