I love my study journey in Malaysia! By Abdalmalek Ismail

By Abdalamlek

19 Jul, 2022


Hello everyone!

this is Abdalmalek Ismail from Palestine doing Ph. D. in Malaysia (UiTM) 2021 session. I just came here on the way. I study here for the experience. I want to develop an international perspective. I’ve studied in Pakistan, Lahore before, and that experience opened my eyes. After, I try to live in another country as well, to build and develop more experience again. While I was searching among the countries for my further study, I found that Malaysia is the most reliable, flexible, trustable and unique country to study in as it has got inexpensive lifestyle as compare to others. 


Let’s start at the beginning. My journey in UiTM begin in 2021 as an official student, and I thought things is very difficult here and I am going to suffer a lot by living in a new country with new culture and lifestyle, hence all these thoughts were put to rest the moment I have started my class. Throughout the time I have spent at UiTM, I was introduced to a multicultural environment with an international student from around the world. Throughout the time I spent in Malaysia I was exposed to a student with different ethnic background which made me feel relax and comfortable. I learned different culture which I have never heard about it before, like their taste of food, dress, dance and lifestyle that really made happy and proud of myself to spend more and more time in Malaysia.


So, what are the highlights of living in Malaysia? Well, it depends on what you prefer to do like playing sports, shopping, travelling, eating? Well for me those are my favourites. In Malaysia you do not have to worry about these things because it easy to have whenever you want to traveller from place to place you will find a cheap transportation to go anywhere you want which save and comfortable however, the magical places which have got here in Malaysia which is anyone dreams to visit those places just like an islands, mountains, hills, waterfalls, shopping malls, forests, skyscapes and so on.


During EMGS Iftar 2022 with International Students with EMGS CEO, Mr. Mohd Radzlan Bin Jalaludin




Let me tell you about Malaysian food which really like it, as their food is simple, tasty, affordable, healthy and easy to find everywhere and time you want which is you don’t have worry about this while you are studying hence you are also able to make your own food which available for you in the hostel or apartment. Living in Malaysia also gave chance to try a lot of different food available with good prices for everyone. 

Honestly the beauty of Malaysia is unbelievable and traveling around is one of the most worthwhile experience for me and I believe for everyone, if you want oceans available cold places available hot places available mountains available skyscapes available, too many places actually available for you so you once you are going to have break from your study got a lot of tension and stress you have got a lot of things to do to remove any tension or stress here.


Overlooking the Kuala Lumpur City View at night 



In the end after I spent serval months in Malaysia, I found that Malaysia has a wonderful cultural diversity with a magical places, food, universities, people in the end I thank God for given a chance to come Malaysia for my further study I would like to take this opportunity to advice the people around the world to come Malaysia for study for visit even for business.










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