Malaysia has so much to experience!

By Sridurga Hariharan

25 Aug, 2021

Hello everyone. My name is Sridurga Hariharan from Sri Lanka. I am a student at Monash University Malaysia. As someone who always wanted to have the experience of studying and living abroad, when the opportunity of joining Monash University, the 55th ranked university in the world was presented to me, it was an offer I could not pass upon.

Let’s start at the beginning. My journey in Monash started in 2019, and I had my concerns about the transition and living by myself. All these were put to rest the moment I started university. Through my orientation, I was introduced to a multicultural environment with students from around the world, all of whom shared the same fears. Throughout my years in Malaysia, I was exposed to students with different ethnic backgrounds, which have turned out to be wonderful friendships that I will carry with me wherever I go. I have learned about their food, culture, and way of life, and the diversity helped me ease into not feeling any different.

So, what are the highlights of living in Malaysia? Well, it depends on what you like. Shopping? Food? Travelling? Well, those are my favourites, and this country provides them in abundance. Huge high-end malls like Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley have a wide variety of options, and if under budget, many local shops and stalls can be found in places like Chinatown. What’s better is that all of these places are easily accessible with public transport as well!

Sridurga and her international friends.

(This picture is taken before the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions)

Don’t get me started on the food! The food culture is the best part of my Malaysian experience. Living in Malaysia have given me a chance to try many types of food at a very affordable price. Malaysian cuisine is a must-try, a fusion of three cultures that will leave your taste buds wanting more. My personal favourite, nasi lemak is a traditional light breakfast consisting of coconut-based rice with a side of anchovies, peanuts, and cucumber. It is available almost everywhere and is loved by both the locals as well as the internationals. I also love trying cuisines from different countries, and Sunway Pyramid has many restaurants ranging from Japanese, Thai, and Indonesian cuisine to middle eastern and western cuisines.

Malaysia is also a very beautiful country, and travelling around is one of the most worthwhile experiences. From the sky-blue oceans of Langkawi to the rugged, cold hills of Genting and Cameron Highlands, Malaysia has a little bit of everything for everybody. I personally love the cold, and since Genting is just one hour away, I would make my way there anytime I feel that I need a recharge.

The view at Genting Highland, Malaysia.

Sadly, my three years in Malaysia are coming to an end, and I still feel like there is so much more to experience. The pandemic put a halt to all plans, and hopefully, one day, I can come back and experience this all over again. I really would like to invite all students around the world to come and study in Malaysia. See you!


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